Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rough Day After All

I am hurting. Have been hurting all day. Muscles earlier and my skin started about two hours ago. When my skin reacts, for those of you who have tattoos, it feels like millions of tattoo needles going into every millimeter of my skin. Plus my temp always goes up. For those of us who have autoimmune diseases, there can be so many problems. When my fibromyalgia acts up, my head also feels like its on fire. So I wasn't having too bad of a day.

But then my best friend Tina has been calling me all afternoon because of what happened to her son and her at school. And I do mean all afternoon. And I have been answering her calls and she stresses me out. It takes a lot out of me to talk to Tina when I am having a bad day like today.

I just woke up from a nap and Tina had called me 5 times so I called her back. And now I am talking to her now. But I thought I would go ahead and blog while talking to her. Trying to keep my mind off my skin. I would rather have every inch of my body tattooed at once rather than have one day of my skin being inflamed. I have four tattooes and the pain is nothing compared to when my skin is inflamed. Today is hard. I started out just kinda sore but now my nerves in my skin are inflamed.

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